MagiC Carpets // 2019

Welcoming Croatia & Portugal

The Magic Carpets Project is about providing opportunities for emerging curators working with local and visiting international artists. For the Second Year of this Creative Europe programme, Folkestone Fringe are inviting artists Ana Dana Beroš, put forward by LAB 852, &  Patrick Hubmann, put forward by  Ideias Emergentes, to work with Urban Room Folkestone to look at the past, present, and future of the area around this building. The MagiC Carpet artists will join us for a 10 days Research and Development at the beginning of April, when they will explore the streets either side of the Tram Road Spur line in East Folkestone and Harbour Wards and meet the different communities that live there.

The ambition is to invite residents in the area onto a programme of 10-weekend workshops, to encourage those taking part to look at the local environment more closely and discuss ideas about how the place could work differently. The programme will cover areas such as, model making; architectural drawing for beginners; town planning practicalities, whilst walking through and talking about the immediate neighbourhoods surrounding the Urban Room Folkestone. 

Ana and Patrick will then return in June to work with local artists to produce new artworks.

Travelling Local Artist Year 2 / Residency Location >> Lab 852, Zagreb, Croatia Read more about >> Gemma Riggs 

To conclude, Folkestone Fringe are and have been super proud to represent the UK in this platform. This stands to be particularly important in times of current political uncertainty here in the UK as well relevant to Folkestone being a town that is the closest to mainland Europe in the UK; as the purpose of the Magic Carpets platform requires those working in their homes/visiting to reach out past the Brexit borders and engage in an international creative process… truly highlighting in the words of Patrick Hubmann himself, ‘the beauty of collaboration’.

All of our artists, both those travelling and those working to what is their local demographic, have created strong links with the community that the progression of their ideas have been inspired from the people- it is their responsibility to work with the specific organisation in thinking of methods circulating how to engage with their audience. What this platform insists is both challenging, yet once completed, realised as totally unique opportunity, as we are collectively developing & unifying the curators, artists and audiences simultaneously. The practitioners worked with numerous collaborators, including other intervening artists/associates/foundations. Take a look at the full programme which you can find from the Festival of Looking homepage. 

The platform itself and the projects themselves do indeed truly coordinate people with place & time, encompassing the history of the past, creating action in the present, which subsequently provides work, progression & legacies that can be archived and used for the future across a developing European map.


1 April 2019

Magic Carpets / Year 2 / April 2019

1 June 2019 : Architecture

Masterhackers // The Festival of Looking

1 June 2019 : Architecture

Daniel Tollady // Urban Archive: Folkestone

3 June 2019

Magic Carpets x URF / June 2019 Home / The Festival of Looking

11 June 2019 : Sound

Ana Dana Beroš' // Landing Mirrors

12 June 2019 : Architecture

Patrick Hubmann & Mitchell Bloomfield // Grand Plaza Express

28 June 2019 : Art

Gemma Riggs // In Our Own Rhythm

30 June 2019 : Art

Cherry Truluck // NEAR: BOWER
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