The Folkestone Fringe curate art, architecture, sound, and performance in Folkestone during the Triennial and inter-Triennial years.


Profound Sound Festival 1 - 3 February 2019

Profound Sound is an experimental sound festival from Folkestone, reaching across traditional forms of music to the fringes of sound-art covering song and instrumental performance, spoken word, radio broadcasting, sound installation, opera, contemporary classical and jazz electroacoustic and sound-art.

Co-curated with Hot Salvation Records.
Watch a short video about the 2018 festival here.

Now...take a look and keep a close eye on our 2019 Profound Sound Page- link from the above title!

Looking back at SALT Festival 6 - 9 September 2018
Festival of the Sea & Environment

SALT explores the way coastal environments shape who we are and how we think, and asks what the future might hold for the people and places that exist on the edge. Co-curated with Folkestone Quarterhouse & Chris Poundwhite.

Click on the link above if you want to keep this conversation burning, as well as re-live the SALT experience itself. We wanted to give and uphold a legacy to the festival...so go have a read of the downloadable reviews/thought-pieces which were inspired from the weekend's events.

Magic Carpets 2019

Led by Kaunus Biennial from 2017, Magic Carpets is a Creative Europe platform taking place over a four year period, which involves 13 wonderful cultural organisations from EU and candidate countries. By offering residencies across specific localities, emerging artists can indeed start their very own magical journey by collecting stories and producing their own work, to further carrying

Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook and on Magic Carpets page, as our discussions continue over which artists will be chosen for residency.

Fringe 2020
Autumn 2020, dates TBC

Curated in response to Folkestone Triennial.



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    6 September 2018 : Sound

    Craig Gell: Folkestone’s El Dorado: An auditory ramble through The Warren

    3 November 2017 : Art

    The Ash Project

    2 September 2017

    Edge: Push/Pull

    2 September 2017 : Art

    Folkestone in Flux

    1 April 2018

    MagiC Carpets

    2 September 2017

    Fringe Open 2017

    1 February 2019

    Profound Sound 2019

    2 September 2017 : Art


    6 September 2018

    Looking back at SALT Festival of the Sea and Environment 2018
    Progress Agency