Masterhackers // The Festival of Looking

Site Specific Designers of 2019: Volen Andreev, Rachel Carabine-Clarke and Ineui Park.

If you missed this previously, URF announced a truly unique opportunity for students of Architecture (including related courses such as Interior Architecture and Design or Urban Design), where those involved can physically create and showcase their own practical design intervention within the fast-growing rejuvenation of Folkestone’s urban environment. We think it’s absolutely crucial to have the work, voice, and ideas of students intervened with our summer programme.

The Urban Room Folkestone team have selected a series of forgotten place-markers and unseen features located around the town, moments of the urban environment that have been left behind and neglected. A team of Interior Architecture & Design students have been tasked with designing small-scale interventions that gives these features a new function, to reinstate their importance and relevance to the town of today. What new life can be given to a broken lamppost? What can you do with a small empty pocket of land with no necessity?

This project has been run by the students from every Wednesday-Sunday throughout June, whereby they have had free reign to create a series of interventions from their choice of the forgotten place-markers and unseen features located around the town. Email: [email protected] for any queries.

The students presented their designs across the closing weekend of the Festival of Looking.

Look out for the downloadable brochure coming soon as well as for any future news of what's happening with the designs!

Selected sites can be found here >>


1 April 2019

MagiC Carpets // 2019
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