Robyn Neild Bronze Sculpture

21 jul - 03 aug
touchbase gallery, 15 tontine st, ct201jt
10:00-17:00 everyday

Robyn’s bronze sculptures are cast in her coastal studio, no two bronzes are the same, texture, form, and movement are significant in her work, pushing the limits of the ‘lost wax’ casting technique to force the metal thinner and finer, to halter, stop, to create highly textured yet deceptively delicate sensual pieces.

People take comfort and pleasure from the landscape, there is a connection that draws us to certain places and its flora. For Neild the coast is a such a place inspiration the plants living and decaying, driftwood, oxidised metal fragments showing man’s impact on the area, all showing evidence of time and the elements. These natural materials occur heavily in her sculptures and are intrinsic in their creation determining the shape, thickness, flow. Their medium is bronze, fascinated by its masculine and traditional associations. To help create these pieces using the ‘lost wax’ technique, meaning anything natural that burns or melts can be used in the casting process also a vacuum is used which helps force the molten bronze into the fine textured detail. She often returns to the motif of a boat as a starting point, this represents new horizons, adventure, sanctuary, protection creating individual forms reminiscent of seed pods, womb life, or contains contrasting linear drama when contained within natural curves.

Creating highly textured yet deceptively delicate sensual pieces.


22 July 2021

Fringe Open Summer Programme

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