The Folkestone Fringe curate art, architecture, sound and performance in Folkestone during the Triennial and inter-Triennial years.


The Profound Sound Festival
2 - 4 February 2018

Profound Sound is an experimental sound festival from Folkestone, reaching across traditional forms of music to the fringes of sound-art covering song and instrumental performance, spoken word, radio broadcasting, sound installation, opera, contemporary classical and jazz electoracoustic and sound-art.

Co-curated with Hot Salvation Records.
Watch a short video about the 2017 festival here.

Part of 2018's line-up has been announced! For tickets, information and more, click here.

Normal? Festival of the Brain
10 - 13 May 2018

Normal? Festival of the Brain brings science and art together over four days to wonder at the brain. This year we explored neuroplasticity and asked what happens when we change our habits and behaviours - either through circumstance or conscious decision.

Co-curated by Folkestone Quarterhouse & Living Words.
Watch a short video about the 2017 festival here.

The SALT Festival
6 - 9 September 2018

Festival of the Sea & Environment.

SALT explores the way coastal environments shape who we are and how we think, and asks what the future might hold for the people and places that exist on the edge.

Click here to view the 2015 & 2016 programmes.

Co-curated by Folkestone Quarterhouse & Chris Poundwhite.



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Profound Sound 2018

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