23 Jul | 18:00-20:00
24 Jul | 12:00-17:00
25 Jul | 12:00-17:00
Open until 01 Sept
Cyma Gallery, 55 The Old High St

Muses is a collection of deceptively simple, gestural paintings made over the past two years; works that capture fleeting moments of character, expression and mood, inspired by some of the undervalued women behind some more, perhaps sometimes unfairly, celebrated men.

While some may refer to a specific character, for example Ted Hughes' muse, Assia Weevil, or Picasso's inspiration, Dora Maar, others take an expression, a glance, a turn of head and make jazz-like rifts on the theme, painted very much in the moment with confident line and gesture.

Some refer to an abstract expressionist, painterly tradition, others channel a 60s or 70s fashion or socialite glamour, while others are here and now, decorative, bold, confident and up front.

All are challenging and beautiful, women created under the female gaze.

Rusty | Graduated Chelsea School of Art 2018. Muses is her first collection of paintings 2019-21.

Muses is supported by Folkestone Fringe to coincide with Folkestone Triennial 2021 with the continued support of Curious Brewing.

* sales at Cyma Gallery 23/24/25th July and thereafter online via Instagram *


22 July 2021

Fringe Open Summer Programme


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