Mother Nurture Taster

Artists names: Chloe Turner, Kay Ridgwell, Maike Cochrane
11 Aug
Cornerstone Centre, Castle Hill Avenue, CT20 2QR

"Our taster session will give new mums with their babies the chance to dip into a couple of hours of art making, meditation, movement and discussion. No previous experience is necessary, we offer a safe and supportive space in which mothers can simply enjoy being creative with their baby in tow.

We will be using a variety of art materials with guided themes and subjects aimed at allowing women time and space to focus on themselves, share experiences and reflect on the journey that they are on. There will be time for a chat and a cup of tea following the session.

We will touch on many aspects of our 10 week Art and Movement programme which we are excited to announce will be starting again in September 2021. Our successful pilot in 2020 made a proven impact. Participants stated: “[Mother Nurture] helped me settle into a new stage in my life”, “I feel more confident with my baby and as a new mum”, “[I] felt part of a community of mums going through similar things”, “I felt supported emotionally” , “[it gave me a] reason to get out and be creative”.

It is the unique combination of our backgrounds in dance, art and art therapy that we bring together to take participants on a journey of aesthetic, sensory, emotional and cognitive engagement, physical activity and social interaction.

The activities are chosen to empower women by regaining control, building understanding and resilience, defining themselves in their role and promoting a positive self-image. Gentle movement improves strength, balance and coordination, releases muscular tension and creates a healthy mother-baby bond through positive interaction."


22 July 2021

Fringe Open Summer Programme

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