Jul 21 - Aug 01
jul 24 | 21:00 | full moon celebration
The Brewery Tap UCA Project Space
Tontine st, folkestone, ct201JR

// Part of the Folkestone Triennial Celebrations //

LUNAR looks at the vital relationship we have with our only natural satellite - the Moon, and enters into an interlocution with it.

Its bright reflected light illuminates our evenings, governs our tides, cycles of fertility in plants and animals, and steadies our rotational ‘wobble’, to keep our climate stable. Right now it is in the crosshairs of a space race between private enterprise, extractive industries, the military, and international space agencies looking to install deep space telescopes on the pristine far side. There is also an initiative to establish a liveable deep space base Moon Village’, where people would live with their families.

Will this be a step forward for all humanity, or a race for more wealth and power? How do we feel about this imminent development? Is the moon just a resource, or could we communicate with this brilliant ‘other’ above us on a different level?

The artists contributing to LUNAR look at these aspects of our moon, celebrating its beauty and power, and look forward into the future. Through Full Moon Celebrations at the beach, featuring feral choirs and The Free Range Orchestra, for the full moons of July (July24th), August (22nd), and September (September 21st, the Autumn Equinox), an Exhibition at the Brewery Tap UCA PS, science, and poetry evenings, we will connect with, learn about, howl at, and sit with, the energy of the moon. Full programme, and how to participate, on social media.


22 July 2021

Fringe Open Summer Programme

Announcing LUNAR, a FREE EVENT July 24th at 9:00 (Sol Colero Pavilion), as part of the Folkestone Fringe Triennial celebrations. Come celebrate and connect with the energy of the full moon. With Art and Music in Wild Places, the Free Range Orchestra, the Michaela Cisarikova Dance Company, + friends.

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