Our COVID ‘sub-plot’ - Living Words
24 aug
Space 7 Gallery

As the ‘main plot’ of Covid-19 seemingly arcs toward a conclusion, it’s ‘Sub-plot’, or rather the rippling after-effects, continue to affect us all. Living Warriors: Covid are a group of people from across Kent who have had and are overcoming the long-term effects of Covid-19. One of these Living Warriors, Oliver Pratt, a recent Illustration & Animation graduate, has created a short film based around his experience of being hospitalised and brought to the brink of death due to contracting the virus. All of the Living Warriors have co-created books of their own words about their experiences, and together have had their words published in a book, funded by NHS Kent & Medway. Copies of the book will be available at the event.

Come to SPACE 7 Gallery to celebrate these unheard voices, in an intimate sharing of words, and screening of the brand-new animation ‘Intensive’ by Oliver Pratt.

The screening and reading celebration will be held 6pm - 7pm, on Tuesday 24th August at SPACE. The event will be intimate, warming, and open to all.

To get your free ticket to the screening, please email [email protected].

‘Intensive’ is based around Oliver’s experience of contracting Covid-19, and later developing Kawasaki Syndrome, causing the otherwise fit and healthy twenty-one-year old’s organs to shut down, rendering him comatose and near the brink of death in St Thomas’ Hospital. His dreamlike recollections are humorous, harrowing, and yet often life affirming. There will also be readings from the ‘Living Warriors: Covid’ book, with words from a nurse, teacher, filmmaker and more, all of which, like us, have had different encounters with Covid – and we will see and hear, that despite our collective isolation, we are pushing on together.


22 July 2021

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