Fantasy Creatures

by ingrid goodchild
jul - nov
waterstones bookstore, 16 sandgate road, ct201dp

"It all started when I made a 6’ 6” tall garden gnome for a play being performed by Lyminge Dramatic Society. Like all households, we have a regular surplus of waste plastic and piles of newspapers each week, so……When the first lockdown began in March 2020, I decided, with the aid of a large bag of wallpaper paste (and the rubbish) to move into the realms of fantasy in the unreal time we were living in.

So much of our daily news showed eye-popping events taking place – hence my trademark use of large eyes, the first pair being made from an old Christmas bauble cut in half.

The cat was the first born, closely followed by the pig and thus it all began!"


22 July 2021

Fringe Open Summer Programme
Progress Agency