Sally Hough, Aida Silvestri and the Napier Barracks Residents
Jul 28 - Oct 28
Every Wednesday | Meeting Point: Urban Room Folkestone

"Involving some of the most marginalised people in our community in mainstream cultural and social activities during the Folkestone Triennial and Folkestone Fringe.

Once a week, we will conduct art tours with groups of the residents from Napier Barracks. The residents will have the opportunity to learn about the artworks and the artists and respond to what they have seen and experienced through photography, art-making, writing and discussions.

A group of no larger than 10 participants will be led by Sally Hough, curator and volunteer at Napier, and Aida Silvestri, artist and volunteer at Napier.

The tours will feature special guest hosts who have led previous Folkestone Triennial art tours.

Each week we will offer different itineraries, where possible, tours will be in one of the main languages in the camp to make it accessible to all.

We will collect and curate a wall of photographs, texts, thoughts, feelings, potential artworks that the residents have made in response to what they have seen on the tours at the Urban Room. The exhibition will grow and develop over the Triennial period to reflect on the experience of the art tours for the residents of the Barracks. Ultimately the residents will have the total freedom of editing and curating the content of the wall."


22 July 2021

Fringe Open Summer Programme

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