Opportunities & Development

Folkestone Fringe is committed to creating opportunities for people to be part of the change happening in their area, whilst connecting nationally and globally. Operating an open-door policy across our programmes, we welcome others to approach us with their ideas and reflections.

We work closely with artists to develop their practices. We identify and then provide artists with safe opportunities to explore, improvise and gain the confidence to find their own individual voice. These artists often emerge from the audience of one of our several annual festivals. We are increasingly encouraging greater ambition in early-stage artists and supporting them as their careers mature.

Folkestone Fringe seeks to establish pathways to self-actualisation. We have a long-term commitment to providing local employment opportunities for young people to experience a range of roles within arts production and administration and have cultivated a young team (all under 30). Our team are deeply motivated by their strong, personal connections to Folkestone. Their dynamic energy, and sincere aspirations for placemaking has comprised a hardy and dedicated group of arts professionals who cast influence over the generations who proceed them.

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