Fringe Associates: Chapters // Summer

Entitled ‘Chapters’, the Associates' platform amplifies the activities of local arts organisations who have devised and developed their own programming during the Creative Folkestone Triennial. Acting as a go-to hub, this platform provides a single channel of information for residents and visitors to enjoy the dynamic cultural activity taking place across the town. 


] performance s p a c e[ | 62 Tontine St, CT20 1JP

30 Jul | 17.00 - 21.00 | Keijaun Thomas and Joseph Morgan Schofield

]performance s p a c e[ are proud to screen documentation of Keijaun Thomas’ work at ]ps[ in 2018, alongside Joseph Morgan Schofield’s new work these teeming forms, one of ]ps[’ 2020 Associate Artist Commissions.

25-27 Aug | outcome on 27 Aug 17:00 - 21:00 | Sandra Johnston

Sandra Johnston will facilitate a three day residential workshop considering how performance art improvisation can be used to engage with embedded issues of social trauma. There will be a public outcome at ]ps[ at the end of the workshop. 

27 Aug | 17:00 - 21:00 | Carlos Martiel and Martin O’Brien 
Part of August Last Friday's Folkestone

An evening of screenings featuring Carlos Martiel’s work made for ]performance s p a c e[ in Folkestone Harbour in 2017, and documentation of Martin O’Brien’s regimes of hardship project, which took place in Hackney Wick in 2011.
CT20 | 73 Tontine St, CT20 1JR

Always Visible 

Presented as part of Surface Tensions 2020 Part 3, walk through Mill Bay to catch two pieces of sculpture created by Glasgow-based artist Ned Pooler. Interrupting and distorting everyday architecture, ‘Soft Rupture’ is a site-specific installation that exaggerates spaces through forced perspective, drawing upon the aesthetic language of the Golden Age of Cartoons. By pushing the objective boundaries of material realism, Pooler bestows familiar objects with new anamorphic gestures to project feelings of uncertainty, dejection and confusion. 
Presenting Surface Tensions 2020 Part 3, CT20’s Tontine Street home has been transformed, showcasing a powerful and immersive new series of works from international artists. Adorning the three-story façade of the building is a monumental installation created under lockdown by Mexican artist Stefan Bruggëmann. With its juxtaposing elements deliberately provoking and generating a heightened sense of drama and tension, the building is completely gilded in gold-leaf, on top of which is scrawled with – in thick lashings of black paint and with excess dripping down from the bold calligraphic strokes – the word ‘OK’, gleaming and staring back at on-lookers.

CT20 | 73 Tontine St, CT20 1JR
Fri 27 Aug - Sun 12 Sept
Part of August Last Friday's Folkestone

Opening again this Friday as part of August’s Last Friday's Folkestone, it will be the last chance to see 'Lingering Cut', the unique installation. Appointment is essential.⁠

Conceived as a complex, multi-dimensional and multi-layered work that unfolds over time, the project explores the bleakest pockets of one’s mind within the ongoing challenges due to the COVID19 pandemic. ⁠

‘The elements of the story have been spreading out like rooms of a memory palace. It is not obviously taken from the dreams or the reality, but melt between them. The result will be a Munch-like scream within the new normalities of the (post)-COVID societies and menacing options of post-Trump politics in Europe. An expression of a voice that says: 'we will all join the club of the silently screaming, our minds will melt into one loud cry of pure angst.' ⁠
. . . 
JAŠA (Mrevlje-Pollak) is an artist from Ljubljana. For over 20 yrs, Jaša has been pushing the artistic boundaries with his uncompromising visions. His ‘site-specific installations function as implosions of the real’: rhapsodic interpretations of situation, narrative, sculpture and performance that transform spaces into experiences, driving them toward their poetic and aesthetic potentials, through his alchemistic connection with material and content.⁠

The Brewery Tap UCA Project Space | 53 Tontine St, CT20 1JR:
Black To The Future
05 – 08 Aug | Thurs - Sun | 10:00 – 17:00
Artists: Admire Ncube

Thousands of years ago, a race of amphibians akin to mermaids from the star planet Sirius visited Earth! They arrived in Ark, the mothership, and they gave Africans knowledge of the cosmos. Today the amphibians are back and stuck on Earth on a calcified mission to search and gather all lost Black history, and share it with the world.

21 Jul - 1 Aug | Thurs - Sun | 10:00 - 17:00
Artists: Jane Bravery, Dr Sam Bailey, Sara Trillo, Melanie Jordan, Faye Glen, Emily Parris and friends

LUNAR looks at the vital relationship we have with our only natural satellite - the Moon, and enters into an interlocution with it. Its bright reflected light luminaries our evenings, governs our tides, cycles of fertility, and the growth cycles of plants and animals.

Few View Phew Points
12 - 22 Aug | Thurs - Sun 10:00 - 17:00 | Uli Jaeger, Ty Locke, Julie Sumner, Arpana Rao

Everything is shifting and yet when you look at the sky and the sea they are constant. The sun goes up and down, the waves go back and forth, the seagulls fly and cry. Our attention and what we see are sporadic and fleeting. We often miss what is right in front of us. Who knows what is real - it is just our interpretation?

A Sustainable Photography Plot
26 Aug - 05 Sept | Thurs - Sun 10:00 - 17:00 | Kim Conway, Melanie King, Emily Rose Parris

Come and visit the temporary ‘Photography Garden’, in the form of a greenhouse, with plants that will be used as photographic material to create sustainable photography works, including Anthotypes, Cyanotypes, Lumen Printing, Chromatography Prints, Photograms and Chlorophyll Printing. Throughout the exhibition, daily workshops will be held and the outcomes will populate the walls of the gallery, culminating in a final show of the participants’ and the organisers’ art.

Cyanotype | Emily Rose Parris
27 Aug, 11:00 | £20

Folkestone Is An Art School Natural Chemigrams | Melanie King
28 Aug, 13:00 | Free

Phytogram | Kim Conway
29 Aug, 13:00 | £20
Every last Friday of the month | 17.00 - 21.00+ Across Tontine Street and the Old High Street

Led by a community of resident creatives, Last Fridays activates the Creative Quarter on the final Friday of each month. Bringing together new works, performances, films, music, and more across Tontine Street and the Old High Street. VISIT THE PAGE >> 

Image: Exact taken from Lingering Cut, written by JAŠA, edited by Noah Charney⁠

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* LUNAR: 21 July | 17:00-21:00
Black to the Future: 5 August | 17:00-19:00
Few View Phew Points: 12 August | 17:00-19:00

* A Sustainable Photography Plot: 27 August | 17:00-19:00




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