Virginia Wing

fri 2 feb

Folkestone Quarterhouse Auditorium

Forming in early 2012, Manchester (via London) based duo Virginia Wing take their name from Grace Slick’s mother.

With many groups, a reduction in their personnel is often mirrored in a simplification of their sound. In Virginia Wing’s case, their reconfiguration from a trio to a two-piece sees them blossoming from the previously cold, Kosmische palette found on their debut LP ‘Measures of Joy’ into the wider-reaching, fully focused psychedelic pop sound of their new record for 2016: ‘Forward Constant Motion’.

The album expands the deep and varied sonic palette displayed on debut album

Virginia Wing have supported bands such as Metronomy, Hookworms and NZCA Lines, performed at Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia, and are due to start their second headline European tour in early 2017.


2 February 2018

Profound Sound 2018



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