The Image Machine

Fri 16 - Sat 17 Feb, Urban Room Folkestone.

The Image Machine is a multimedia installation that explores the universal nature of human experiences by celebrating the thread of storytelling that has connected us throughout history. The work is dedicated to the Rotunda Amusement Park, a funfair which once stood on the Folkestone seaside until its gradual demolition in 2007. But as one story ends a new story unveils - now, with the landscape's transformation leaving barely a trace, it is the locals who have become the dwellings for the memories of the funfair and also themselves beginning to dwell in these memories.

In this narrative journey, words transcend mere expressions; they are the fundamental building blocks of intricate stories. By generating diverse intimate images, the installation actively involves visitors, inviting them to step into the main character's role.

When exploring an image given by another, we sometimes feel a connection so profound that we sense we could have created it ourselves. The image becomes a new being in our language, expressing us by making us what it expresses. Through these interactions, the installation allows visitors to actively participate, becoming dwellers of images and creators of their own stories.

Kirils Ä’cis was a Folkestone Fringe artist in residence last October, who spent time in Folkestone through theMagiC Carpets platform. Kirlis is a Latvian poet, actor and musician - and was particularly interested in working and speaking with people in and around Folkestone, about their memories and experiences of the Rotunda.

Venue Accessibility Information:

Urban Room Folkestone is working on becoming more accessible. It currently has step-free access with ramps to all indoor areas and accessible seating to accommodate individuals with mobility challenges. It does not currently have a disabled toilet, however, the closest one is 200 yards away at Creative Folkestone Quarterhouse, which will be available for use throughout our SALT + EARTH programme. Disabled parking is available directly outside the venue. Service animals are welcome. In line with our mission to make URF more accessible, we are happy to be contacted to discuss any specific requirements or suggestions that you might have. If you are interested in attending an event at URF but have any accessibility queries - please email us on [email protected] or text/call Jacob on 07875541090.

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16 February 2024

Profound Sound 24



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