The Heroic Age of The Troubadours

fringe: open
Mark & Lorna Swain

The Troubadour of Kent, 61 Tontine Street, Folkestone
6 oct
19:00 - 20:00

The Troubadours were minstrels, poets and storytellers who travelled from town to town in the 11th-13th Century, performing at Royal Courts, Castles and Inns etc. The Troubadours originated in what was then called Occitan in Southern France, spreading to Northern Italy and Spain, but over time they travelled throughout Europe including to Britain. The Troubadours wrote (mainly in the Occitan language) about courtly love and chivalry. The Occitan language has died out in terms of everyday use, but many Occitan words still exist in the region that encompasses The Languedoc and Provence, plus parts of North-western Italy and Northern Spain. Scandal and gossip often followed them in their travels.

The talk will examine the history, ethos and daily lives of the Troubadours, present some of their material and will consider the virtues of such a romantic way of life in a present day context.


2 September 2017

Fringe Open 2017
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