The Gatehouse

The Gatehouse
Tyler Walker
2 Sep - 5 Nov
17 Bradstone Road

Initially, I mimicked a Banksy but developed it to add some originality and to make the piece more poetic, if that is the right term. This took about 10 hours to complete, as the wall mural was hand painted, with ni stencils. To be honest, I surprised myself with the outcome so then I decided to keep going.

The second piece was personal to me being an ex sailor and having visited the memorial in San Diego, however I wanted to put a modern twist to it. Jazz it up so to speak. This again was done freehand and took 3 days given the size of it.

The third piece, which is still ongoing is intended to be a collage that I can build on over my spare time.

All of these are on my property, accessible to the public, at 17 Bradstone Road. They will remain there so long as I retain the property, and hopefully even after then as I have tried to keep them suitable for everyone.


2 September 2017

Fringe Open 2017
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