The Edge of Memory

Laura Froude
Fringe: Open

2 sep - 4 nov
Oxfam Bookshop, Sandgate Road

An expressive window display of paintings, selected books and found objects. The books will be chosen from the Oxfam bookshop’s vast range and will change as they are sold. This is a high quality second hand book shop in the centre of the town.

Laura is a local artist whose unique paintings and found objects explore the edge of both her visual and emotional memory. This ‘edge’ shifts between depiction and abstraction and the different moods within these seascapes and mindscapes.

The paintings are for sale and 50% of proceeds will go to Oxfam.

You can see more of Laura’s work at the Sea Edge exhibition in Hythe.


2 September 2017

Fringe Open 2017


Sea Edge
Sea edge
Sea side
Holy stone
Red buoys swirling
Forgotten gloves pointing
Turquoise water crashing
Woman sits
Woman standing
Woman on sea edge-
On the edge
Turquoise water
Red tips
Woman lies down
Red buoys bobbing
Sea edge, seaside
Laura Froude
June 2017
Progress Agency