Talking Matter by Iginio De Luca & Luis Do Rosario

Prepare to listen, tuning into the identity and memory of a place through the sounds of apparently static, inanimate materials. The warm, epidermal contact of the hands with the surfaces of a landscape is the tactile pretext for extrapolating the sounds of the city of Folkestone. An intimate, immersive acoustic action that stimulates the surfaces of objects, sound indicators of a deep, internal stratification that is contained in everything that accompanies our existence. Exploring the musical potential of the Sound Mirror and then went down to the city, passing through the internal alleys, the squares, the houses and arriving at the bottom, to play the hulls of the boats moored in the dry port at low tide.

All the acquired traces finally converge into the sounds of the Folkestone tides, recorded in October 2023, as if nature incorporated the entire acoustic flow produced, a sea of sound that embraces, submerges and symbolically brings out a community that identifies with it, in a territory, in a collective memory.

The poetic sense of the work is to connect the audio to the city and the people who live there, to the magnetic and lunar breath of the tides, a personal and universal dialogue that binds man to the places of private and public life that incessantly blend together in their continuous flow.

Talking Matter is a performance and film by Italian artists Iginio De Luca & Luis Do Rosario. They spent time in Folkestone last year as artists in residence with Folkestone Fringe, which was made possible by the Magic Carpets Platform.

On Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th Feb, a film by the artists will be playing on loop at Folkestone Fishing Museum from 10:30 - 16:00.

On Saturday 17th Feb, both the film and a performance by Iginio De Luca & Luis Do Rosario will take place at 15:00 next to Folkestone Trawlers. Full directions HERE.

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16 February 2024

Profound Sound 24

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