Surface Tensions

HOP Projects
edge: Push/pull

2 sep - 8 Dec

Working between architecture, art, music and performance, HOP Projects invited 4 artists to create site-specific installations in the seaside town of Folkestone. Using the building of 73 Tontine Street as a vessel, the artists will bend traditional genres of representation to explore and conceive the complexities of experiences as simultaneously physical, psychological, emotional, temporal and cultural. Through which, the tensions above and beneath the surfaces can only offer the passer-by a glimpse of fragments both temporary and distant, evoking enchantment and subliminal angst.

To mark the beginning of a long an ambitious project we are producing a series of exhibitions that fall under a great umbrella. This are a commissioned photographic installation by Andrew Holmes on the main gallery space that will run for 1 month, as well as a façade intervention by Sean Griffiths which in time will move into the gallery space (November).there will be a live performance on the opening day by Jackson Holmes and Jasa.


2 September 2017

HOP Projects


Andrew Holmes
Jackson Holmes
Sean Griffiths

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