Strangelove 2020

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june: 5-week programme covering documentary, animation, video art, experimental film & cinema
july: programme of material focusing on performance, dance & music
august: open-call presentation month

Touring time-based media festival, Strangelove, is set to deliver its most exciting and expanded programme to date, titled STOP LOOK LISTEN WALK, covering mainly in the fifth edition - animation, music, dance & performance. In response to the world-wide pandemic, Strangelove has taken on an exploration of digital counterparts. The team - based in Folkestone, Kent, UK - feels it imperative to explore the potential of live connections with internet audiences, by facilitating opportunity which both engages & challenges.

Strangelove starts its DIGITAL PROGRAMME from June 1st 2020, in echo of the physical festival which was due to take place this March. There will be pop-up events within this month surrounding the specially curated programmes by a number of artists, filmmakers & directors. All work will be available to view like that of Netflix in the REWIND section. From July 5th, we'll be focusing on performance art, dance & music.

There has never been a better opportunity to interact with the experiential nature of time-based media. That's why they're also hosting more OPEN CALLS (scroll below) than ever before. Visual artists, filmmakers, animators, and creative thinkers are invited to contribute to a series of themes, set by the production team, in line with 6 open-calls based on 6 different genres.

There are also two other LIVE open-calls; Gone in 60 Seconds- which invites artists working in moving image, including but not limited to animation, documentary, performance, dance and expanded cinema. This open call seeks works that address the open theme of the festival. Films must be exactly 60 seconds, including titles and credits. Home Alone is a callout for artists across the world, to propose ideas for a new strand of performance art, accessible exclusively through the computer screen.

Also on the website, check out the SPOTLIGHT feature on the home-page, which highlights the team's choice of showcasing for that week. The TALKING SHOP - is the place where you can scan Strangelove’s hosted talks, teachings & shared experiences from previous festivals. New material will continue to be added from discussions held in this years edition.

There are also a number of interactive FESTIVAL ROOMS for audiences to watch, read & critically think about what lies inside. In the recently launched Screening Room - and Reading Room - you can now immerse yourself in the digital platform, with choosing what to watch from videos chosen by friends of the festival, as well as choosing what to read from Strangelove's library. Also, there's chance to take ownership and join the conversation, network, critique, and be heard through our dedicated place for discussion - the Forum.

Strangelove is a celebration of cross-disciplinary practice, connecting artists and audiences from all parts of the community; with a diverse programme of contemporary work.



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