Still Lives of Europe

Dirk De Vries
fringe: open

The Radnor Room, The Burlington Hotel
1 Sep - 5 Nov
10:00 - 16:00

Following the success of A Portrait to Europe during the Folkestone Triennial 2014, artist Dirk De Vries was asked to created Still Life paintings from each of the European countries. In contrast to the portraits which showed that we cannot be distinguished and identified by nationality but rather are related by our common humanity, these works emphasise some of the elements for which each nation state is well known.

Exhibition opening times are from 2pm-4pm on the following days:
  • 12 Sep
  • 20 Sep
  • 29 Sep
  • 10 Oct
Exhibition will be closed on the following days:
  • 13 Sep
  • 14 Sep
  • 15 Sep
  • 22 Sep
  • 21 Oct

2 September 2017

Fringe Open 2017

1 Sep - 5 Nov
10am - 4pm
The Radnor Room
The Burlington Hotel


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