Space & Significance

27 jun - 7 jul 2010
georges house gallery

space and significance was a folkestone fringe exhibition that was curated to develop concepts of multi-discipline, site-specific practice by inviting artists to collaborate on audio visual work.

the artist groups were asked to choose a space that they consider significant. the spaces could be important to them personally, or historically, be small scale, or on a much larger scale. they were invited to work with artists from other disclipines to produce a piece of work that reflected the essence of the sites they have chosen for a gallery audience, who may or may not be familiar with the space.

through sound, film and photography these sites were translated in the gallery space. select the artists names below to see the work produced.

jez riley french
‘four approaches to quietude' | location: brussles

paul baran, gordon kennedy and dave mccorry
‘the granton starfish cull’ | location: edingburgh

lisa hall
'plan for space sound walk' | location: london

sally penfold, kelvin pawsey and gerry kelly
'4 hills' | location: folkestone

jez prior and gerry kelly
space and significance gallery mix | location: georges house gallery

the gallery audience was also able to experience the sites individually and collectively through a specially commissioned gallery surround sound mix that sonically grafted the five disperate sites together.

the concept for this exhibition was the development of an much earlier site-specific audio visual collaboration by diane dever and gerry kelly featured in the exhibition called the ‘working city’.

many thanks to shepway district council and strange cargo for their support.

see full programme here

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