Sara Trillo : Going Underground

- Exhibition -

Fri 8 - Sun 10 Sep

10am - 5pm

Brewery Tap, 53 Tontine St, Folkestone CT20 1JR


For the past year Sara Trillo has been investigating dene holes. These are ancient chalk mines of uncertain age and purpose, which are found scattered, and largely concealed, throughout the Kent Downs AONB landscape. As well as trying to locate sites of dene holes in the countryside, Sara has been collecting historic and contemporary anecdotes of people climbing or falling into shafts, alongside social media stories of dene holes opening up in unexpected locations. She has used these narratives to inform a series of chalk-immersed textile and ceramic structures whose shapes are inspired by the chambers found at the bottom of dene hole shafts. This latest work is currently on show at Chaleur Humaine, the Triennale Art et Industrie, Dunkerque, France.

For the Brewery Tap exhibition, Sara will be making new sculptural work inspired by her recent experience of descending into a dene hole with the support of Kent Underground Research Group. She will also present works on paper incorporating aspects of her archive material.

Visit her website HERE.

Accessibility Information:

Brewery Tap is welcoming and inclusive to all visitors, including wheelchair users and people with disabilities. The exhibition has been designed with accessibility in mind, taking into account wheelchair manoeuvrability. We have an accessible toilet. There is roadside parking directly opposite the venue, or additional parking behind the Quarterhouse. There will be somebody there to provide assistance if needed. If you require any specific accommodations or have questions about accessibility, please feel free to contact Jacob in advance on [email protected]


8 September 2023

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