Rubiane Maia : Magical Curves

- Drawings / Pictures / Paintings / Various -
Fri 23 Sept - Sun 25 Sep
11am - 4pm


Contemporary Space
69 Tontine Street
CT20 1JR

Part of SALT + EARTH Open Views: Fri 23 Sep, 8pm

The Magical Curves project is based on an ancient divination technique called Geomancy, which enables us to read the future by observing drawings, marks and stains on earth or sand surfaces. Like any divinatory process, it is something that is rationally inexplicable, but which, in its intuitive singularity, inevitably combines basic aspects of Geology.

The artist is studying drawing as a sign based on the observation, collection and mapping of accidental forms that can be found on natural surfaces, ravines, rocks and landslides – their properties, colours and textures. In general, she is interested in the poetic narratives, performative experiences, conversations and games that can arise from an attentive and sensitive observation of the material.

For SALT + EARTH, Rubiane will present an installation composed of drawings, pictures, paintings, video and other materials collected in Folkestone’s Warren.

On Saturday 24 September, Rubiane will perform a two-hour action in Contemporary Space.

Rubiane Maia is a Brazilian artist based in Folkestone. Her artwork is a hybrid practice across performance, images and writing; sometimes flirting with drawing, painting and collage.

In general, she is interested in the body, voice, memory, phenomena and organic matter. As part of her learning process, she is attracted to states of perception, synergy and healing that encompass relationships of interdependence and affect between human and non-human beings such as minerals and plants.

She often develops research in site specific contexts and travel, always considering the landscape and the environment as guide and co-creators of her artworks.


23 September 2022

SALT + EARTH: Festival of Landscape, Seascape & The Environment

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