Normal? Placebo?

3.30pm (60 mins), 28 May, Quarterhouse Meeting Room, £3

People have mixed feelings about alternative therapies because they're not openly approved by NICE, but the NHS carries out pastoral work during recovery and we all probably know people who try out Reiki or types of spiritual healing. If these types of services were freely available within the health service would we take them more seriously? Come and join in the debate with alternative therapy practitioners Faith Warn and Jane Unsworth; Clinical Psychologist and teacher of meditation Dr Gemma Beckley; and our resident neurologist Dr Tim Rittman.

Stay around after the talk for a short taster workshop with Jane Unsworth to introduce EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping. In 2007, following extensive research over 5 years studying over 30 dieting plans, UCLA concluded that dieting is the best way to put on weight. EFT Tapping can be an effective approach to food cravings and poor eating habits, helping people to change their behaviour and to develop a healthy love of food so that their weight restores itself naturally.


25 March 2017

Normal? Festival of the Brain 2017

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