Performance Space | Wake Festival | 8-11pm Daily

until 1 May 2020

]performance s p a c e[ will be sharing a window screening of performance documentation including artists Kira O'Reilly, Dominic Thorpe, Carlos Martiel, and Hancock and Kelly Live during W A K E Festival 2017.

The videos will be played on loop from 8-11pm until the 1 May 2020.

W A K E Festival was a three-day festival of contemporary time-based/performance art and events in and around Folkestone from the 8 -10th September 2017. The Festival consisted of site-specific durational works exploring social consciousness, collectivity, and division.

W A K E was a call to action - To Wake Up

A vigil to remember what has gone before and a gathering to consider how we may move forward

To become cognizant or aware

Roused from a tranquil or inactive state

A path or course of a thing passed or preceded

Mourning the body of the dead

Keeping watch

Holding vigil

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