Origins Untold: Chalk, Grass & Land

- Workshop -

Sat 9 Sep

1pm - 3pm

Meet at Urban Room Folkestone, Harbour Street, CT20 1QN

(walk to Marc Schmitz and Dolgor Ser-Od’s ‘Siren’ (the big yellow horn), CT19 6BL)

Booking Required : Click here to book (via our partners at Quarterhouse)

Josie and Ray Felix Carter return with a workshop based on their performance piece, ‘chalk, grass, land’, commissioned for last year’s SALT+EARTH Festival. In collaboration with ancient historian Dr Frederika Tevebring (King’s College London), whose research on the political and aesthetic resonances of reconstructions of the ancient past in the 19th and 20th centuries uncovers a history of present-day orientations towards race and gender, Josie and Ray will hold space for making, talking and experimentation to explore our connections - real and imagined - with the ‘deep past’ of the human species.

Participants are invited to join a gently facilitated discussion-cum-workshop, held outside in view of Folkestone and the rolling chalk cliffs of the North Downs. Situating folk-inspired crafts, improvised rituals and contemporary notions of racialized and gendered difference within the expanse of deep historic and geological time, the workshop will explore possibilities for individual and collaborative responses to Frederika’s research and the themes of ‘chalk, grass, land’ — belonging and assimilation, lineage and ethno-national mythmaking, distant past and apocalyptic near-future — using decolonial and transfeminist theory, costume, writing, movement and practical making.

Accessibility Information:

Due to the nature of this project, we are aware that chalk, grass, land may present some accessibility difficulties for people with limited mobility and/or other accessibility needs. If you are interested in taking part in the project but have concerns about how you will access the walk or workshop, or if you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected]. For more details on the event, click HERE


8 September 2023

SALT + EARTH 2023 : Festival of Landscape, Seascape & The Environment




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