Normal? Open Dialogue

2pm (60 mins), 28 May, Quarterhouse Meeting Room, £3

Open Dialogue is a practice based approach to people experiencing a mental health crisis that fully integrates their families and social networks within a flattened hierarchy, a shared agenda and the aim of “being with”, rather than “doing to”. Open Dialogue was developed in Western Lapland where studies show that it has allowed over 70% of those presenting with acute psychosis to be discharged from services within two years with far less hospitalisation or high-dose medication. In the 1980s psychiatric services in Western Lapland had one of the worst incidences of the diagnosis of schizophrenia in Europe. Now they have one of the best documented outcomes in the Western World.

Join Yasmin Ishaq, Service Manager, and Annie Jeffrey, Carer Lead, Kent and Medway Peer Supported Open Dialogue to discuss the work they are doing in Kent.


25 March 2017

Normal? Festival of the Brain 2017


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