Laboratory of Senses: Body Landscape

1st & 2nd September
Lower Leas Coastal Park

Lithuanian artist Aiste Janciute has returned to Folkestone after her Magic Carpets residency done earlier in the year. Continuing with her research into the perception of weight, she would like to invite you to participate in her laboratory/workshop named “Laboratory of Senses: Body landscape”. In this workshop you will be exploring the relationship between human body and environment through movement, senses, direct experiences, composition, associations, intuition, emotions and laws of physics.

During various exercises you will explore what images, emotions and memories can be brought up while physically experiencing different surfaces and textures of the surroundings and objects. What kind of meanings can be woken up connecting with your own body senses and feeling environment through touching? I wonder what kind of spontaneous compositions could emerge exploring the environment via our body surface?

During this workshop she will use sensitive experiences of movement, touch, soundscape, smell, text, interpersonal interaction to create an atmosphere in which you can expand awareness of your body senses, awaken physical memory and imagination.

These exercises are based on her personal art practice working with “Theatre of senses” with a wide range of different audiences, different age and capability groups, practicing and teaching contact improvisation dance.

Meeting Point: Mermaid Cafe at 11am

Preparation for the workshop: Aiste recommends for you to wear comfortable clothes, those that you wouldn't care to tear. Have a smartphone or camera with you for taking photos. I invite you to be open to play and willing to participate with all your body and senses. Dance experience is unnecessary.

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