Kirils Ēcis (MagiC Carpets 2023)

We are so excited to welcome Kirils Ēcis, Folkestone Fringe artist in residence who has been staying in Folkestone through the MagiC Carpets platform, for the past week. Kirlis is a Latvian poet, actor and musician - and is particularly interested in working and speaking with people in and around Folkestone, about their memories and experiences of the Rotunda!

Shutting down in 2003, The Rotunda amusement park on Folkestone’s seafront was at its peak in popularity in the 1990’s, and so many residents’ fond childhood memories are attached to it.

“I think The Rotunda is such a special character of the local landscape that now takes place only in the memories of its witnesses”

Kirlis would like to work with participants one-to-one throughout the town, who are open to sharing any memories, stories or experiences they have in relation to The Rotunda.

“In a world dominated by visuals, words offer a unique and interactive experience.”

On Saturday 4th November, come to the Brewery Tap (Tontine Street, CT20 1JR) for 'Words in a Visual World’ a creative writing workshop by with Kirils Ēcis, who has been exploring, researching and working in Folkestone for the past 2 weeks as he develops a new work, made possible by the MagiC Carpets platform.

“As we read, we effortlessly create these images in our minds—the people, their environment, the lighting, furniture, and even the intricate details like wallpaper patterns. It's only when we finish reading and return to our reality that we wonder, "Where did I just go? What was this vivid world filled with colours, shapes, and motion?”

Join his workshop to discover how words can transport us to new or forgotten worlds, spanning the past, present, and future. If possible, please bring a piece of text or a book that is important to you!

-1pm - 2:30pm -

- No booking is required -

Following this, Kirilis will be talking openly about his residency thus far, his findings and research. It's the perfect opportunity to find out more about the conversations he’s been able to have with people from around Folkestone, regarding the Rotunda in Folkestone. This will be happening as part of a wider conversation, 13:00 - 15:00 at Brewery Tap on Sunday 5th November.

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