Normal? I’ve got a Problem with my Thingy

3pm (75 mins), 27 May, Quarterhouse Bar, £5

How would you feel about yourself if you suddenly had a medical problem that can be very difficult to discuss? As a result of a severe brain injury, Malachi found himself in this position, and now plucks up the courage to talk openly about it. In this unsentimental, light-hearted and often humorous presentation/performance, he tells his story and asks questions about typical responses to delicate topics. Using story-telling and interaction, Malachi invites you on his emotional journey; from being someone with confidence, to having great difficulty talking about himself at all. #LostForWords

After his performance (45 mins), Malachi will be joined for a discussion with Cambridge neurologist Ed Needham, a brain injury specialist.


25 March 2017

Normal? Festival of the Brain 2017


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