on voice and electronics


with N.O. Moore (electronics), Edward Shipsey (voice), Emmanuelle Waeckerlé (voice)

Open Quarter / Profound Sound Festival
2 Jul 2022
Block 67, Glassworks
18.00 - 19.00


'Submerged Voices' (N.O. Moore, 2022)

performed by Ed Shipsey & Emmanuelle Waeckerlé (voice), N.O. Moore (electronics)

A new work concerned with memory, place, and displacement, built out of samples of the performers’ voices speaking words and phrases drawn from Shakespeare's The Tempest, accompanied by live performances based upon a semi-autobiographical piece by N.O. Moore, who grew up in Dover, and whose father lived in Folkestone, and a text concerned with the contemporary condition of channel crossing by people from Africa, the Middle East, and elsewhere.

La Notte (N.O. Moore and Emmanuelle Waeckerlé, 2021)

performed by Ed Shipsey & Emmanuelle Waeckerlé (voice), N.O. Moore (electronics)

A work in three movements based on a short extract from Antonioni’s La Notte (1961) in which Monica Vitti describes not being able to control the sounds and words she hears in and around her. Two voices and an electronic wolf establish their worlds through territorial soundings, before each territory passes through the others, mutually appropriating them as outside forces, until finally a singular multiplicity, is found.

Performed for the first time at Iklectik with N.O. Moore, Emmanuelle Waeckerlé and Yifeat Ziv (May 2021).

"We are exploring what voice and electronics can do to each other in ‘a dialectical play between the organic and electronic’ (Tim Morton, 2013). Does any sound establish a territory as quickly and as thoroughly as the voice? At the same time, is there anything more fragile and unstable than the sound of the voice? This holding fragility, as well as contemporary themes of longing and belonging, are the focus of these new works, with one being performed for the first time, here." concert series

The concert series, is a collaboration between bookRoom and the Audio Research Cluster at UCA Farnham, curated by Emmanuelle Waeckerlé and Harry Whalley, around their common research in extended, textual, visual, gestural and object scores and ways to integrate or experience technology in text/music/film/performances. The project is supported by UCA research fund.

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1 July 2022

Open Quarter 2022

No Moore has been described by AMM’s Eddie Prévost as one of the most interesting guitarists he has heard. Moore uses electronics to extend the sound of the guitar, informed by a parallel interest in synthesisers and drum machines. He can now be heard on a number of recordings, including Nous (with Prévost and Jason Yarde), The Secret Handshake with Danger (with Henry Kaiser, Binker Golding, Olie Brice, and Prévost), and Lunar Sync, his first album of exclusively electronic material. Moore is interested in music and social expression, the relationship between automation and autonomy, and new fabrications of human sensibility and affect. Having focused primarily on improvisation, he has recently become interested in composition through his work with Emmanuelle Waeckerlé.

Edward Shipsey is an improvising musician based in London. He works often collaboratively using a myriad of different instruments and voice. He has been increasingly developing more composed approaches. He has also curated the event series Hard Work (with Paul Ingram) and different people doing different things together. Both of these try to bring different artistic mediums (music, poetry and performance) together.

Emmanuelle Waeckerlé is a London based multidisciplinary artist, composer, free improviser and curator working with the materiality and musicality of language. Her practice emerges between between poetic scores and occasions for their activation (installations, concerts, workshops). Her scores and music are distributed by Edition Wandelweiser Records, Ode (owed) to O (2017), a direction out there (June 2021). She is a Reader at UCA Farnham, co-curator of concert series and host of the house concert series Cosy Nook.

Edward Shipsey Youtube

emmanuelle waeckerlé website

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