Craig Gell : Lithoscapes

- Music / Sound-work / Acoustic Ecology -
Fri 23 - Sun 25 Sep
11am - 4pm

You can still see this exhibition in Urban Room Folkestone.


Urban Room Folkestone
1 The Plaza
Tram Road Carpark
CT20 1QR

Part of SALT + EARTH Open Views: Fri 23 Sep, 8pm

A library of acoustical Impulse Responses recorded at important geological sites within the Kent Downs AONB is paired with a synthesiser enabling the user to play sounds into their chosen ‘lithoscape’.

Impulse Response Recordings capture the responding behaviour of a sudden sharp sound, in this case a balloon being popped, within a physical space. This sonic information is used to create a reverb effect encapsulating the acoustic quality of the space so that it may be applied to other sounds.

The sites visited include old pits and quarries, earthworks and natural landforms, and those with special designation (SSSI, RIGS, GCR) that are recognised for their geological significance and geodiversity.

Lithoscapes will be displayed in the Urban Room over the festival weekend alongside visual documentation of the recording process.

Craig Gell is a sound artist and composer. Previous SALT projects include Green Language exploring the soundscape of Folkestone Downs and El Dorado: An Auditory Ramble through the dawn landscape of Folkestone Warren combining field-recordings and music.

Wave Machine transformed real-time sea-wave data into live electronic soundscapes, and Pent Happenings incorporated flood monitoring data and citizen-science to sound map the course of the Pent Stream.

Craig is an allotmenteer and volunteer ‘lookerer’ of cattle on Folkestone Downs for White Cliffs Countryside Partnership.


23 September 2022

SALT + EARTH: Festival of Landscape, Seascape & The Environment

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