Catching Fire

Colin David
Fringe: Open

14 Oct
The Drying Grounds, near St Peters Primary School

This is a one off performance piece that will be completed in a matter of minutes but will leave a lasting mark - gently fading over time. A video recording will be made of the performance and will be available.

The concept is based on the fishermen’s nets that were once a daily part of Folkestone life. These long nets were hung inside the houses because when left outside they could on occasion spontaneously combust.

My piece is a reminder of those dramatic moments of an element out of control.

My net is created with gunpowder fuse. It this would be hung in a suitable spot, against a pale wall for maximum impact, and then ignited.

The scorch marks will leave a poetic record of the event and of the pattern of the net itself and those previous nets from Folkestone's past.

There is a capacity limit, so arrive early to get your wristband for entry to this free event to avoid disappointment!


2 September 2017

Fringe Open 2017

Red Circle: Location
Yellow Circles: Entry Points. (Northern Entry Point is wheelchair accessible)


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