Mitchell Bloomfield

Mitchell Bloomfield is a Producer and Creative Advisor at Folkestone Fringe where he fabricates and installs artworks, manages projects and also collaborates with artists on some of Folkestone Fringes broad programme of events and projects.

He has worked with the Fringe on projects including, Patrick Hubmann’s, “Grand Plaza Express”, Ackroyd & Harvey’s, “Ash to Ash”, and Sol Calero’s, “Casa Anacaona”, amongst others. His practical and creative skills are utilised and expanded by Folkestone Fringe’s ever-growing array of production needs from Profound Sound, a 3-day experimental music festival, to Folkestone Fringe Open, a programme of events that provides focus to artists living locally which runs alongside the Folkestone Triennial.

Mitch was born in Folkestone and graduated from Cambridge School of Art in 2015 with a B.A. in illustration. He’s been working with the Fringe since 2017 and continues to develop his skills with them whilst also taking on personal commissions to proudly bring the Fringe ethos to the wider world.

Instagram: @mitchell.bloomfield


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