Simon Persighetti

Simon Persighetti of Wrights & Sites
edge: push/pull
customs house

17 sep

Part 1: Architect-Walker Talk 34pm

You are invited into the Architect-Walker Planning Office.

Simon Persighetti shares experiments, discussions and planning activities in the Urban Room. He outlines fragments of the Architect-Walker Manifesto in a space set up with sensing devices, lures and ideas to be used to creatively explore, read and write place into existence.

Part 2: Architect-Walker Walk 45.30pm

Take the Planning Office out for a walk!

Can we consider our daily activities in the town where we live as a kind of fluid architecture? Whilst walking, how can we give more status and priviledge to the spaces between buildings? As we walk and talk together we shape our surroundings. Step by step we become Architect-Walkers.


2 September 2017

Edge: Push/Pull


Progress Agency