Venice Agendas: The Contract

edge: push/pull
Venice Agendas 2017: The Contract

sat 23 sep
13:00 - 16:00
Eleto Chocolate Cafe 12-14 Rendezvous St, Folkestone CT20 1EZ

Venice Agendas 2017: The Contract is a programme of events including an exhibition, a publication, talks and performances in London, Venice, Margate and now for its final leg concludes in Folkestone.

The theme of this edition, The Contract, is particularly relevant both politically and socially. Contracts, whether written or spoken, are promises and agreements that we make with each other, within our communities and across society in general.

The project brings together artists and professionals to share and discuss what a contract means to them, their experiences of relationships governed or suggested by contracts and what might be anticipated or expected in the context of contemporary visual arts and current world events, including the UK Brexit decision.

Venice Agendas 2017: The Contract launched at DACS in London with the opening of the exhibition The Contract on May 3rd and continued with breakfast discussions and live-art performances in Venice during the preview week of the Venice Biennale and a take-over of the Turner Contemporary galleries on 17 June.


2 September 2017

Edge: Push/Pull

Monica Ross, 'Act of Memory’

You are invited to participate in the recitation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as part of Monica Ross’ work Act of Memory.

The performance will take place on at 3:30 pm Saturday, September 23 in Folkestone at a location to be announced soon. Each recitation will be recorded and edited into a final film that includes performances from Venice in May 2017 and from Turner Contemporary in June 2017.

Register to here to participate.

Denise Ackerl: Occupy Folkestone

Occupy Folkestone is a participatory performance where the public are invited to take part in a protest choreography workshop developed from the Occupy Wall street movement.

Click here to book a place in the workshop.

Athelstan Sound: Contract as Score

Athelstan Sound is a group of musicians, non-musicians and listeners who meet every month in Margate to explore sound and listening through participatory workshops. For Contract as Score the group will explore the idea of the contract through an open musical score to be performed in locations around Folkestone on the day of the event.

Young In Hong: Echoes
Echoes is a relay of one person’s protest, realised through individual performances testifying to the idea of equality through individually different ways of expression. Accompanying an original soundtrack by Young In Hong (which is audible only to the performer), each participant improvises a live response. (see full details below)
If you play any portable instrument you can take with you, or sing, or do voice/sound-based performance, you can participate in Echoes.

Please email [email protected] with your contact details for more information.

Alistair Gentry: Opportunity, Unfortunately
Opportunity, Unfortunately
is a performance designed by Gentry to address issues around artist payments. Dressed in a costume of “an artist”, Gentry will approach various local businesses asking for goods and services in exchange for “exposure” or “future benefits for their career.”
Aaron Williamson
Williamson’s work is informed by his experience of becoming deaf and by a politicised, yet humorous sensibility towards disability. At a University of California San Diego lecture in 1998, Williamson coined the term ‘Deaf Gain’ as a counter-emphasis to ‘hearing loss’. Williamson will devise a new performance work for The Contract.
For further information or queries please email [email protected]

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