Trace Engines

Gary clough
edge: push/pull

30 sep, 11 - 5
1 - 3 oct, 1 - 5
The Brewery Tap project space

Trace Engines is a series of amalgamated drawings that on the one hand suggest a design or plan for something to come, and on the other seem like the residue of something that has already been. In this, they constitute a process of mediation where the acts and media of their creation – the drawing, tracing and mono-printing – become iterative expressions that model an as yet unknown object.

Trace Engines explore the tense relationship between the world of things and their images. They are at once abstract and literal, but in bringing together the flat outline forms suggestive of manmade objects such as airplanes, vases, buildings and machinery, they create new and abstract contexts for the objects that possibly inspired them.


2 September 2017

UCA Project Space : The Brewery Tap


Progress Agency