Thea Grant

Sat 17 Feb, Quarterhouse, Folkestone
Hot Salvation 10th Anniversary Programme
Doors Open 16:00

Grant's breathy and gentle vocal delivery sets a tone of intimacy, drawing listeners into a world where sound becomes an ethereal companion. The richness of her composition lies in its multifaceted layers: warm sub-bass swells form a sturdy foundation, enveloping you in a cocoon of deep, resonating tones. These are further complemented by reverberated layers that stretch across the sonic spectrum, creating a vast and immersive soundscape.

Thea’s sense of contrast stands proud. While the foundation is built on intimacy and warmth, there's a playful yet artful incorporation of heavy distortion and vocal pitch shifting. These elements add vibrant crunch to the otherwise dreamy, distant feel, creating an intriguing tension within the music. The juxtaposition of these elements injects a dynamic quality.

Thea Grant has previously released albums and EP's with the experimental pop and rock bands Caramel 11, j00 and JUNO as well as touring extensively in Norway and Scandinavia. She has also produced soundtracks and performed with the contemporary dance companies Arch 8 and Panta Rei in New York, England and Norway.

Thea Grant's single "A Night of a Dream" is a musical odyssey that skilfully weaves together ethereal vocals, intricate soundscapes, and emotive textures, conjuring an entrancing sonic landscape.

Grant's ability to craft such a hypnotic and longing atmosphere speaks volumes about her artistry, which will be revealed further in 2024. Her Oslo-based roots seem to echo within the music, as if the landscapes of the city have lent their essence to the soundscape she has meticulously crafted. "A Night of a Dream" stands as a testament to her talent, inviting audiences to immerse themselves fully in its enchanting allure.

Image: Chai Saeidi

Hot Salvation 10th Anniversary Programme

2024 sees Hot Salvation turn ten years old! George Clift and Natalie Barker opened the first shop in Rendezvous Street, Folkestone in 2014. Though the couple and their family now live in West Yorkshire, and the company has moved into artist management, label project management and distribution, Folkestone is still core to the HS story. George now runs the company remotely with Folkestone resident Steven Tudor, together helping a whole roster of international labels and artists bring their music to market as well as happily continuing their creative work with the Folkestone Fringe to curate Profound Sound Festival.

Venue Accessibility info:

Quarterhouse is a wheelchair accessible venue with a lift for accessing all floors, including the bar, toilets and balcony. Toilets are fully wheelchair accessible and can be found on the ground and first floor.

Please get in touch with the box office on 01303 760750 for special seating requests or wheelchair user requests.

Profound Sound is funded by: The Roger de Haan Charitable Trust via Creative Folkestone.

Artists performing in this festival are supported by: Arts Council England, Outlands Network, and Magic Carpets through Creative Europe.

Profound Sound is partnered with: Folkestone Fringe, Hot Salvation, Shadow World, Phantom Limb, Outlands Network, Latitudo Arts Projects, and New Theatre Institute of Latvia.

Your investment through ticket sales is essential to the continuation of a rich and varied music industry and for the production of this festival.


16 February 2024

Profound Sound 24

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