The Walk: Little Amal 2022

Mon 27 Jun
Sunny Sands

Little Amal is returning to Folkestone and we’re so excited to welcome her to the town’s seaside shores to gather and reflect as a community, in the wake of refugee week.

Little Amal’s visit to Folkestone in 2021 and the story which led to her arrival, ignited something so special in those who were able to witness her, connecting so many onlookers to the deeply moving message that the 3.5 metre puppet represented. In collaboration with Origins Untold, we are so grateful to be able to hold space for Amal’s return to our town, and are in great anticipation for a magical night by the sea…

On 27 June, Amal will visit the beach in Folkestone, moments away from where she first arrived to the UK. As she looks out to sea and thinks about refugee children across the world like her, young people will launch handmade boats out to sea, inscribed with messages of hope and friendship.

Follow @walkwithamal for the latest news of Amal’s epic journey, one year on from leaving her home in Syria.

"On Monday 27 June in Folkestone - as the sun sets, Amal will stand on the beach in Folkestone moments away from where she first arrived to the UK last year. As she looks out to see she thinks about the life she left behind in Syria."

New Steps, New Friends is produced by The Walk Productions in association with Hand String Puppet, and is supported by Choose Love .

The Walk 2021 was co-produced with Good Chance Theatre.

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