The Stables | TWIF: Charlotte Chapman | 5-9pm

This Week In Folkestone 'My Future History' - Courtesy Performance | hosted by CT20
fri 25 jun 2021
the stables, 35-37 tontine st
Exhibition open evening at St. Mark & St. Fontini Greek Orthodox Church: 25th June 2021 - 17.30-18.45

Currently on exhibition at Tontine Street’s Stables Gallery, Charlotte Chapman's 'My Future History' showcases a series of photos taken by a group of young people from the court of Aylesham, documenting their village, its tradition, and its community, alongside historical photos from Aylesham Carnival, Kent’s biggest village carnival. On the Last Friday of Folkestone in June, Charlotte Chapman hosts a courtesy performance from a group of young people from Aylesham Carnival Association, taking place at Folkestone’s St. Mark & St. Fontini Greek Orthodox Church.


24 April 2020

Last Fridays 2021

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