The Lorry Park Folkestone

fringe: open
29 sep - 5 nov
on the fence near folkestone harbour bicycle hire

Homage to Folkestone lorry Park. The turn of the 20th Century saw the end of all channel crossing from Folkestone Harbour to France. The Lorry Park became a gently breathing heart of a once thriving Lorry Park – expanding and contracting as warehouses and storage came and went alongside the truck seeking sanctuary from the ever increasing stresses of the road.

Just over 10 years ago a fair sized chuck of the parking area was given over to a skate board park for local use. Its graffiti walls were containers and gradually more containers were added to provide further facilities. Lastly, it also became a centre for young migrants.

This poem is for those that found sanctuary here.

Poem read by Alun Armstrong. Recorded readings starting on 7th October daily at 2pm, weather permitting, at the site.

Thanks to Alun Armstrong, Neil Herd, Frizbee and Nik & Trick for their help with this project.


2 September 2017

Fringe Open 2017
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