Taking Up Space

sun 01 mar
folkestone wellbeing centre
13.00 - 16.00

A workshop for women who want to share their experience of living in a larger body in a world that wants them to shrink.

This afternoon workshop will enable women who identify as ‘fat/plus-size/of higher weight’ to have a voice and speak openly about their experiences in three different social industries: Wellness, Health Services and Employment. The discussions will be held in a ‘safe-from-fat-phobia’ confidential space. At the end of the workshop participants will have produced a charter for each of these industries, to help them run more equitable and non-discriminatory services. The charter will also be shared in Sunday’s Spoken word event.

With Sheree Bell
Sheree is an Anti-Diet advocate and Health at Every Size Practitioner. As an ‘Expert by Experience’ with a background in Social Work, Psychology and Community Development, she has an innate interest in how people of a higher weight are marginalised in society – and how that leads to poorer outcomes for them. She began her work in the Size Acceptance movement in the 1980s when she was part of the team that organised the National Fat Women’s Conference. In London she ran a support programme called ‘Big Love’. Sheree is the owner of Folkestone Wellbeing Centre and the Secretary of Folkestone Pride.


26 February 2020

Take Up Space Festival

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