Tactile Mapping (La carte et le Vêtement) Workshop

- Workshop -

Sun 10 Sep

11am - 2pm

Brewery Tap, 53 Tontine St, Folkestone CT20 1JR

Booking Required: Click here to book (via our partners at Quarterhouse)

Hannah Prizeman (Folkestone, UK) and Joséphine Javier (Nantes, France) invite you to experiment with natural dyes using seasonal flowers and natural clay. Blending our mutual knowledge, this collaboration is an opportunity to bring together ancestral practices and artistic experimentation. The workshop is the second part of the ‘Tactile Mapping’ project, which you can also find in the Brewery Tap exhibition space. Bring old clothes - you might get dirty. ‘Tactile Mapping’ is supported by the city of Nantes.

Ages 5+

Workshop might get messy, bring clothes that you don't mind getting dirty! There is space to change if needed.

Accessibility Information:

Tactile Mapping is a table based workshop, located in a wheelchair accessible venue.

The workshop will involve dye vats heated on hot plates. For health and safety, hot plates will remain fixed in place for the duration of the workshop. Dye vats are able to be taken off of the heat, to be raised or lowered for comfortable access for participants.

The workshop will be taking place in a shared, public space with limited control over volume and crowding. We are able to offer a quieter session, 30 minutes prior to public opening, upon request.

We are open to adapting the workshop in other ways to meet access requirements. Please contact the artists ahead of the workshop or speak to them on the day.

Contact - [email protected]


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