26 - 11 Dec
Thu - Sun | 11:00 - 17:00 | Opening: Fri 26 Oct | 19:00
Artist talk with mathr: Sat 4 Dec | 17:00
CT20 | 73 Tontine Street

Curated by Laura Netz, Smoltech is an exhibition of pure-data sound works and different audio-visual, multimedia, and interactive installations by Claude Heiland-Allen (mathr), expressing concern about techno-surveillance capitalism and abuse of power of hyper-structures.

mathr works using free software and develops his programs to create beautiful fractals, digital creations and new media environments. Combining computer science, performance art, music, technology, fractals, maths, and software programming, Claude's works show the relationship between technology and creativity using computing to challenge conservative positions of technological corporations.


24 April 2020

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