SITE : Fault Lines

- Multi-media Installation -
Fri 23 - Sun 25 Sep
11am - 4pm


Block 67
Mill Bay
CT20 1JR

Part of SALT + EARTH Open Views: Fri 23 Sep, 8pm

Between sedimentary lines of compression and exposure, connected under a body of water, SITE presents a multi-media installation gathering together material from site-responsive collaborative performances that took place in quarries in Kent and Northern France.

Documented and offered as a witnessing of temporal images, actions, and gestures, this installation presents processes and dialogues between artists and sites where the visible process of erosion and extraction provides the opportunity to respond to the geological and anthropological histories uncovered by human and industrial scale touch.

By taking a queer ecological approach FAULT LINES unfolds the potential to explore how geological connections might offer reciprocal encounters and the ways in which we might learn from the unearthing of layers of compressed histories.

SITE (b. 2018) is facilitated by selina bonelli, Helen Davison, and Ash McNaughton as an open platform inviting artists to create collaborative site-responsive Performance Art in locations of socio-historic, architectural, and ecological interest through actions, gestures, and intervention.

The aim is to hold space for artists from different backgrounds and experiences to come together to share and develop our practices, queer our surroundings, and support artists to work eco-consciously and with empathy for our environment.


23 September 2022

SALT + EARTH: Festival of Landscape, Seascape & The Environment


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