Sensory Sloshing: The Plot Thickens

13 & 14 Oct
17:30 - 18:30
Gasworks site, ship st

Experience the curious disused Gasworks site in this exclusive, after-hours sensory workshop with Elly Rutherford. Moving through the Triennial artworks, we will engage playfully in mindfulness and improvisation activities, interact with tactile sculptures and objects from nature, and take to the dancefloor to learn the slosh!

Taking place in Jyll Bradley’s Green / Light For (M.R) and Jacqueline Donachie’s Beautiful Sunday, people of all abilities are invited to immersive themselves in the artworks and use their bodies to explore different ways of interacting with them. Bringing together everyone’s ideas, we will create a series of playful performances for ourselves to enjoy in a safe and supportive environment. Unwinding with guided meditation and gentle movement, we will move through Gasworks like mobile artworks. A collection of soft sculptures, inspired by the site, will be dotted around ready for sensory play alongside objects from the natural world.

Looking, listening, smelling, moving, dancing, running, skipping, dreaming, laughing, improvising, connecting, mirroring, drawing, spinning, singing…

This free workshop provides an opportunity to gain after-hours access and spend longer amounts of time with the artworks than you might normally. With the aim to have a calming and exciting experience, you can take it at your own pace, do what feels comfortable and maybe take positive risks. We will be embracing the site, the artworks, the surrounding nature, the coming of Autumn and the change that will bring. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see Gasworks in a different light? Then come and get weird with us in this exclusive, two nights only event!

No previous skills required, suitable for adults and older children. Lasting 1 hour with pre-booking essential.

P.S. We will be entering the site via Foord road. If we have wet weather, the alternative time will be from 17.30- 18.15, with the artworks and site still being explored.


9 September 2021

Fringe Open Autumn Programme

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