Raise A Glass To FEAR | FAIL BAR

Sat 23 apr
The Old Buoy
Start time: 22.00


At the end of a busy day, we try to create a meeting place for abstract and trivial encounters. Whether you join us for a drink, dance to DJ Afonelli live from Leipzig, or immerse yourself in the fog... come and hang with us. We’ll take full responsibility for not having a clue.

FAIL - Fine Arts Institute Leipzig (Leipzig, Germany) is collaborating with artists and the interested public to challenge individual and collective struggles. This year’s motto is FEAR. How can this be met artistically? Our performance shows the absurdity of simultaneity, and is the attempt to act in spite of it. While the war is throbbing like a subtext in the back of our minds, we want to play in spite of it, without forgetting it and keeping it in our consciousness.


22 April 2022

Profound Sound Festival 2022
Progress Agency