Public Dreaming

amanda newall
edge: push/pull

4 - 5 sep, overnight

Costumed Social Dreaming Is an artwork by Amanda Newall, in collaboration with Tavistock trained social dreaming expert Dr Julian Manley, and sound artist Antti Sakari Saario, curated by Ulrika Flink.

Costumed Social Dreaming Intends to tap into a shared subconscious through thoughts related to BREXIT, via a social dreaming matrix hosted by Julian Manley. which will take place the morning after a group ‘sleep over’ in single beds. Guests are invited to sleep in a specially designed and costumed organic linen dressed bed of their choice, within a shared space, guests will also choose a custom-made night shirt to spend the night in. As the guests drift off to sleep they will be aided by the dream sound scape playing into the room for two hours…. NAME composed by Antti Sakari Saario.


2 September 2017

Edge: Push/Pull
Progress Agency